What is Adhocracy?

The platform

Adhocracy.de is a free to use participation platform which makes possible a democratic, transparent, open, and goal-oriented discussion and decision making process for all organizations and communal interest groups. This new form of discussion and decision-making is not only able to be shared with an organisation’s membership, but it can also be shared with any interested citizens if so desired.

Similarly, adhocracy.de is an offer on all interested citizens to inform themselves about, and to autonomously contribute to the doings, topics, discussions, and decisions of oganisations (political or otherwise).

In order to enable sustainable democratic discourse and to provide individually self-managed usage of the platform, adhocracy.de is based upon a variety of central base-functions/values.

Transparency: All decisions, text changes, and referenda are able to be comprehensibly viewed at any time from every user. Similarly, all groups are opened up “from inside out” and are transparent for all to view. All posts and contents can be viewed, even without a registration.

Self-management: All groups on adhocracy.de are all self-managed. This means that there is neither pre-moderation from group admins, nor is there any global moderation. Posts and proposals cannot be deleted; rather these posts and proposals are rated by the group members, and hence democratically decided upon as to which posts are perceived as important or as disruptive.

Individually customizable: Adhocracy.de is modularly constructed, and as a result can be individually adapted for a group’s intended goals. Due to the fact that different organisations have different forms and styles of democratic decision making processes, the platform allows for the changes needed for this variance. For example, the discussion phase and referenda can be programmatically and differently structured from one group to the next. More complex decision making processes could, if desired, also activate the optional delegation system.


The Adhocracy software is already found in a variety of projects. Together with a number project partners, the software is used in numerous civil society discourses and is being constantly enhanced and developed upon. The software can be freely customized, and as such, can be used in a variety of contexts and by a variety of organisations. Every organisation is invited to consider the different possible applications which are available. Similarly we can consult your organisation about possible applications.

Projects from Liquid Democracy e.V.

Our most recent project is OffeneKommune, a neutral infrastructure platform for citizen participation. The goal of the project is to enable a direct dialog between citizens, municipalities, and organisations, with which municipal concerns can be communally discussed and solution concepts can be developed in a transparent manner. As a neutral participation platform, OffeneKommune is freely accessible to all and invites all societal stakeholders to contribute to the discussion and decision making processes. The platform, Offenekommune.de, is supported by the Deutschen Städte- und Gemeindebund (DStGB), and is still in an early test period as it is being continually developed and enhanced.

Visit OffeneKommune!


Ypart is a European-wide online participation platform specially designed for adolescents and youth. The goal of Ypart is to provide young people with a platform, where upon they can meet online, develop ideas, discuss concerns, and be able to engender a collective influence on political decisions. Ypart directs its service also on the youth and regional organisations in which adolescents partake. Ypart is a non-profit project, which is developed in cooperation with IJAB - Fachstelle für Internationale Jugendarbeit der Bundesrepublik Deutschland e.V.

Visit Ypart.eu!

Current third party projects
ZEITmagazin Faktomat


Main-Post Faktencheck


Grünen NRW


Finished third party projects

On this page, users had the ability to co-determine the content of an issue of „Zeitmagazin“ by suggesting, discussing, and rating topics which should be featured. This issue was published on the 21st of June.

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Munich Open Government Day (MOGDy)

The „Munich Open Government Day“ project tested the possibility of a new online civil participation. The outcome of the experiences and results of this project were presented and shared with the governmental office of eGovernment, Open Innovation and Open Government.

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Electronische Programmdebatte der Partei "Die Linke"

The German Federal Party „Die Linke (the left) offers its members the possibility to communally develop and vote upon their raised suggestions. Ideas, which receive a majority vote on the platform, will flow directly into the debate concerning the party’s new party platform and will be dealt with in the introductory proposal during the resolution drafting.

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Liquid Democracy e.V.

Adhocracy.de is developed and operated by the non-partisan and non-profit Liquid Democracy e.V. Our goal, as an organisation, is the establishment of a permeable and democratic principle in all political and societal realms leading to a strengthening of societal cooperation and co-decision. We work on ideas and projects, which should make our current day democracy more liquid-like, more transparent, and more flexible. For this goal, we make use of modern media and communication technologies. These technologies, in our eye, enable new forms of communication and interaction, which can be used to strengthen discourse-oriented and democratic participation.

In order to realise ideas and projects, one needs a theoretical conception, but most importantly, one needs a practical and directly applicable transposition into a software project. Therefore, our goal is to develop the concepts and tools which allow the flow of discoursive and democratic participation possibilities into all areas of society, in which people would like to collectively work on solutions.

Please visit our Homepage and learn more about our work, our theoretical concepts, and about Adhocracy. There you can also learn about any events we hold, other projects we run, and more about the people who are behind adhocracy.de.

Background - what is Liquid Democracy?

The term “Liquid Democracy” stands for an innovate conception of democracy, whose goal is to supplement, complement, and complete conventional forms of democracy with web based participation models.

Alongside the institutional forms of voting, all citizens and adolescents have the ability with this new model to decide how, whether, and to what extent they will participate in different topical discussions.

An important core piece of the concept is that a person can transfer their voting power to others during a voting process (delegated voting during referenda). The idea behind this functionality, is that the affected person of a decision-making process should have the ability to either autonomously participate themselves, or they should have the ability to topically and dynamically delegate their vote to another person: either because they trust this person or because they ascribe this person as having specialized knowledge or connection with the topic at hand.