Code of Conduct

1. Fair interaction

Even in the virtual world of the internet one ought not forget nor neglect the general rules of respectable intercourse with other individuals. Please do not forget that you are communicating with real people, who have the right to a free expression of opinion just as you do.

2. Nothing illegal or unethical

We do not accept an illegal or unethical postings, links, or attachments: this means postings of a pornographic, right-extremist, racist, discriminating, sexist, violence glamourizing, insulting, libelous, arrogant, or similar nature. Please heed the outlined rules.

3. Do not encourage irresponsible behavior

The encouragement or promotion for irresponsible, harmful, violent, illegal or otherwise unethical action will not be tolerated will result in an expulsion from the community.

4. Critique

Your (critical) opinion is expressly wished here on the platform. But be warned: insults, slander, or threats are not wanted and are to be left out of discussions. Try to remain as objective and constructive as possible, even when you find yourself feeling annoyed. Every user has the right to voice their critique and to respond to your conduct, just give your counterpart the chance to respond.

5. Dialoging

The purpose of this platform is to encourage an open and social discourse. As a result, lives off of the lively exchange among its participants. Within this exchange, offers everyone the chance to voice their opinion including those of an ‘off-the-wall’ nature. This does mean though that ‘opinions’ should of course not expressly insult, harm, or vilify another person. One should accordingly proofread his or her posting and understand that irony or sarcasm is not as obvious when transformed into the written word (especially over the internet). Large misunderstandings can take root from such minute trivialities. Please be mindful of how you phrase yourself and your opinions!

6. Keep ‘netiquette’ in mind

Netiquette, courtesy, and tact should shape your posting on! An ethically appropriate and friendly conduct is to be expected and any patronizing or belittling of other users is strongly discouraged. The community does not recognize titles or your sense of entitlement, but rather it appraises and values the quality of posting.

7. Confidentiality

Please bear in mind, that is a public website: contemplate what information about yourself or behavior you would like publicly divulge accordingly. Confidential or personal details are best kept private or relegated to personal discussion that does not take place on a public portal. Please also consider that your positions on political matters can lead to unpleasant happenings in the real world. As a result, we recommend the use of a pseudonym if so desired.

We would like to thank Eveline Marti for use of her guideline in the drafting of this codex.