Privacy Policy

The security of our users’ personal data is very important to us. You can be assured that we will handle your data with extreme care and sensibility in order to ensure a high standard of security. As a matter of course, we abide by the provisions of the Federal Data Protection Act [BDSG] und by those of the German Broadcast Media Act [TMG] and as a result personal data is only collected and processed within bounds as set up in theses declarations of privacy.

Through your registration at you declare your agreement with the data processing procedures described in this declaration of privacy, which allows us to collect, process, and use your personally identifiable data.

You can of course rescind your agreement at any moment. Your revocation can be sent to us via mail or via E-mail at After doing that you can receive information electronically regarding the nature of the data we have saved related to your person: to receive this information merely requesting it via E-mail.

1. Manner and extent of the collection and processing of personally identifiable data

When one registers his or her self with our website, his or her personally identifiable data is processed and is collected. Similarly, and to a certain extent, we save the data which concerns the use of our servers. Additionally we of course save the data from postings made on our servers, in order to make the data (the so-called content data) available to others to (to the extent which the user specifies).

2. Manner and extent of the collection and processing of personal data

a) Stock data

We collect and process data when you register with us and take advantage of our offered services. When you register with us, we ask of you to give us the following data: an E-mail address, a password (the password is never shown in clear text), as well as a username.

The aforementioned data are your “stock data.” We require these stock data so as to manage our user accounts and to contact the users if need be. We recommend that you take a look at your respective E-mail address so as to check whether it references your personal name; third parties and individuals can ascertain your real name from this information, so use caution.

b) Usage Data / Usage profile / Cookies

In principal you can use our websites without the separate declaration of personally identifiable data. However through the use of the websites is a variety of data accumulated. In regards to these data the following is valid:

  • aa) When our websites are visited by registered users or even visited by normal internet users we save certain data in so-called „log files.“ A log file is made up of an IP-address, the beginning and end times of the visit, information regarding the amount of data transferred, and information about sub-pages of which were loaded. We save and collect the log files due to security reasons, in order to more accurately identify and understand a case of abuse or misuse of our services. For this reason we specifically save your IP-address when you post something on the website.
  • bb) Among various information collected through the use of log files, we acquire information as to how our service is used. For example, we can learn which websites are especially popular and which sites have the most intense usage, how the internal website navigation is made, etc… The results of this analysis are wholly statistical and anonymous at the end of their processing. We use this data then to editorially and technically optimize our services. For example, this means that we do not know what usage behavior you prefer, rather, that a certain and unknown user has a certain behavioral usage. We have no operating reason or interest whatsoever to identify a specific individual through their IP-address.
By the way, you can object to every data use, collection, and saving at any time after the numeral 1. b) and bb).
  • cc) Besides the above mentioned activity we also employ the use of cookies within the boundaries of website. Through the use of cookies we accrue the login data, information about your browser-type and version, the date and time of your visit, as well as the cookie number. The use of these cookies during the registration process and within the bounds of our services, are enabled to recognize you, the user, when you re-visit our page after closing a session of our website.
In the event that you would like to stop or prohibit the use of cookies, you can use the settings of your browser to prevent the approval, passage, and saving of cookies. In order to find out how this function works by your respective browser, we recommend you use the “help function” of your browser and to direct any of your questions and concerns to the respective developer of that browser.

c) Content data

After your user account is cleared you have the ability/possibility to make posts, to comment, etc... If applicable you can complete your user profile by writing any information about your person and by uploading a user photo. This information and your posted opinions can be traced back to your person by any third party individual using the website. Similarly, this user profile data and posting data is information which we must save. Be mindful of which individualized information you write in here, as it can be called up by anyone using the internet.

Whether or not you post anything or complete your user profile with additional information is fully your own decision. However, you should only fill out your profile after you have thought over the cascading consequences of its use and after you have briefed yourself on all of the information concerning the use and option settings in your user profile (see below). In regards to your user photo, we highly recommend using a photo that does not have a realistic representation of your person, so as to maintain consistency with your desired anonymity as shown by your choice of a pseudonym.

3. Forwarding of data to third parties / Publicity of the content data

a) Forwarding

We only forward data to the third parties so long as it stays within the bounds of the existing contractual agreement with you, the user, and so long as it is necessary and lawfully compulsory for us, by right and claim, to answer the requests concerning the upholding and defense of public safety and order from public offices, such as law enforcement agencies and inspection agencies.

b) Publicity

All of your postings, votes, and comments on are public and are “forwarded” or passed on in the sense that they are a part of an online participation. What you post is wholly up to you. Due to the mere fact that your posting is tied to your user name, which is available to be viewed by all who have an internet connection, we recommend that you heavily think over your choice of a username: whether or not the username masks your true identity. We also recommend that you consider the fact that your postings are not free from being recovered through the use of a search engine, and to accordingly post in such a way that is mindful of the public nature that is inherent in the use of the internet.

4. Logging in with external user accounts

If you have an account by a third party developer who offers the ability to log on to through the use of an account by them (such as logging into with an OpenID account), just enter your particular login details into the provided fields on the login page. The login will be carried out and processed by our server, but the actual login process occurs through the actual third party service provider. From this logging-in we receive and hold on to a user ID which merely states that you are logged in with this ID. The information suffices for us to grant you direct access to your account on

During the general process we receive and hold on to information that a certain verified user would like to log into and a rather unusable ID (a user handle). Whether we receive any additional information depends on the respective third party service provider and what settings the user has set up regarding their information by that specific third party service provider. Depending upon the service provider and your respective settings, we could receive a variety of data; most often is that in the form of an E-mail address and a username. During this entire process we also save the fact that you logged in through the use of an external profile. For this are the rulings in normal 2 b) also valid for your visitation of our website through these avenues.

5. Links to other websites

Our website contains links to websites from other service providers who do not have any official connection with our service. After a link is clicked, we naturally no longer have any influence over the processing of data possibly transferred over to third parties due to the clicking of the link itself (that could be information concerning your IP address or the URL of the link). We do not have any control over the actions of third parties. As a result of this, we cannot assume any responsibility for the processing of such data by third parties.

6. Disclosure, revision, deletion, blocking

Upon written request we can give you disclosure, about which personal data concerning yourself are saved on our servers. A deletion of the user profile can be undertaken by the user at any time.

7. Security

We make use of technical and organisational security measures, in order to ensure that the personally identifiable data of our users are protected from being lost, inappropriately changed, or incorrectly accessed by third parties. In every case, our website only allows specific persons to have access to your personally identifiable data in so far as to fulfill the above mentioned goals of their protection.

8. Messaging

a) Messaging between users

Within the software it is possible for you to send other users messages. Similarly it is possible that you can receive messages from other users. Unless you explicitly publish the contents of a message, these messages will remain unpublished. We however maintain the right within legal boundaries to hold these messages on our servers.

b) Messages sent from us to you

With your registration you accept the terms and conditions that we can contact you in exceptional cases via your provided E-mail address (for example, for scientific inquiry related to the continued development of the platform). We pledge to not send any form of advertisements in these E-mails.