In addition to donating or becoming a member of our supporting membership group, we happily welcome any interested person, who would like to actively support us in the organisation with their ideas or capabilities.
The listed areas in which he happily welcome input and support represent just some of many possible topics in which we could always use help. If you have any other ideas, proposals, or suggestions for improvement and would like to bring yourself into the fold of our organisation, simply contact us! We are excited to here your ideas and welcome your support!

We are always looking for enthusiastic programmers, who would like to improve and help further the development of Adhocracy.
You will find further information here at:

Come help us translate Adhocracy and our other websites, so that Liquid democracy can overcome language barriers and so that Adhocracy and other Adhocracy-based-Platforms can be used by even more people.

Find out more information about our Transifex project site.

CSS & Design:
Logos, diagrams, and organizational charts – just some of many design related tasks for which we are needing/seeking people who are talented in design. Here we are seeking anyone who can help to transpose our work into graphical representations whilst simultaneously making Adhocracy a more attractive and user-friendly platform.

Whether you offer legal, business, or advice concerning public work or project management, we are excited about all helpful consultation we can receive.

Theoretical concecption:
Alongside the continued development and enhancement of adhocracy, we also want to further develop the theoretical concepts on which it is based. That means both the theoretical concepts of direct parliamentarianism as well as the concept of Liquid Democracy in general. To this end, please visit our research network, Forschungsnetzwerk Liquid Democracy (FoLD), to communally work with others interested in Liquid Democracy and its continued research and development.

If you are interested in helping us in these or in any other specialized area, please contact us! We look forward to hearing your ideas!